Hello guys,

On Thursday the 18th of October, Corenthin Labaye from Views and I Corto an ex EVS at VIEWS International, participated in the launching day of European Solidarity Corps (ESC) (the new programof solidarity that offers volunteering and internship opportunities) which took place in the offices of Belgium National Agency of the French speaking region (BIJ), in Brussels.

The day was divided into 2 parts: the first part, during the morning, in the B.I.J. locals, while we spend the evening in in a nice conference facilities in Brussels.

In the morning, I had a short video interview where I presented my own project and answered to some questions, such as “What were the activities of your project?”,
“What did the project bring to you?”
Or “If you would recommend it to a friend, what would you tell him?”

After, the video shootings, we had a press conference where volunteers and the representatives of the organisations talked about their experience and the volunteer’s interests.

In the beginning of the second part we shared again our experiences with the present public. Later we had a nice get together evening with some break-dance and rap presentations, ended by a cumbia and an electro concert.

As far as I am concerned it was great to meet the volunteers and the staff again,
We spend an excellent time together!