My name is Suzanne and I am studying at the “Haute École Charlemagne” as a special educator in first grade. I had the opportunity to take my first internship with the International Non-Profit Organisation Views International.

During my internship, I was given the opportunity to meet many people I will remember for a long time. They taught me a lot regarding my role as an educator. Moreover, I was able to meet mobility, daily living skills and French instructors.

It was hard to integrate myself but thanks to the team who friendly eased me, I was able to practice as the best I could.

I have learned a lot about visually impaired and blind people, regarding their daily living at home or at work, the way they move, daily living objects, how they eat, and they find landmarks in a room, …

During the first week, I helped Views in the organisation of a new event for me: The Dinner in The Dark. It was not only an interesting and rewarding experience but also I had much fun with all the people involved in it.

The aim of my internship was to help and support the volunteers of Views in their mission in Belgium.

The beneficiaries I had to support were great. We had good times together either at work or over a drink. They opened themselves to me and I really enjoyed that. I have never felt myself out of the job and they tried to include me in their mission.

I will never forget what I have lived within Views International. Furthermore, I will always remember all the people that were on my side and all the activities I was able to attend and organise with the volunteers. This was a wonderful experience !