All the partners representatives are staying at the table and discuss about the project

Vip Tech Job: Time 2 Act! final Transnational Meeting

During the final stages of the Vip Tech Job: Time 2 Act project, we organised the final Transnational Meeting of this project. During the implementation of the project, the previous Transnational Meetings were held and organised in the project’s partner countries: Thessaloniki – Greece, Ancona – Italy and Granada – Spain.

The event took place in La Lumière association, Belgian associated partner of this project, who graciously offered us support in organising the event. Present at the meeting were delegations representing each partner country in the project: Fundación Docete Omnes – Spain, Soc. COOP. A.Fo.Ri.S.Ma – Italy and Dafni Kek – Greece. During the Transnational Meeting, the participants discussed the Multiplier Events that were already implemented at the national level (in their countries) and the Multiplier Events that will be implemented after the Transnational Meeting. The partners also had a discussion regarding the follow-up activities of the project (dissemination), evaluation and presence on social media and of course about the details that need to be done so the Final report formalities can commence.

After the partners have discussed and agreed on these tasks, they discussed the organization of the Multiplier Event that would take place in the European Parliament, in Brussels. The event succeeded in letting the partners reconnect and knowing what needs to be done in order for the project to be successfully completed.