On the 9th of November, the International Mobility Alliance (IMA) organized a webinar for explaining the current situation of mobility opportunities for students with disabilities.

The webinar, which is part of the two years EPFIME project, funded by the Erasmus + programme under the call “KA3: support to the Implementation of EHEA reforms with a specific focus on mobility of students with disabilities, was hosted by the support Center Inclusive Higher education (SIHO) and the Flemish Ministry of Education and training. As you might remember, we already mentioned this webinar within the previous newsletter, when we said that there will be organized a webinar by the International Mobility Alliance in order to  introduce the audience to the EPFIME research report. The webinar was followed by more than 650 participants and it was also interactive: in fact, during the webinar, several questions have been made to the participants in order to get their opinions on different thematic areas, such as the reasons why, in their opinion, many students with disabilities do not have an international study experience abroad.

It was an opportunity to present to the audience the results of the Research Report and recommendation and good practice Booklet based on survey data collection, focus groups and desk research which have included feedbacks and responses from 1134 students with disabilities, 114 higher institutions and 23 ministries of education across the European Higher education area. If you would like to have more detailed information, read the documents presented and watch the video of the webinar, please read this Article.