Dear readers, it has been a long time since I shared with you my experience in Liège with VIEWS International. As I was stating in a former issue of this newsletter, my concerns were related to the French language, since communication is very important in this field. Fortunately, I noticed that I can better understand what people around me are saying and this helps me in my journey of learning and mastering the language. I was aware of this barrier when I decided to involve myself in this project, so it brings me happiness when I see the results of my objectives are starting to have a shape.

Another important aspect of my experience here, in Belgium is that I have learned how to cook! 🙂 And I think I am getting better at it. Right now I am experiencing the joy and the excitement of cooking. I still find it incredible that by just putting together several ingredients I can make a delicious meal. I will try experimenting with other various ingredients, using recipes specific to other countries and try them!

Every day, for the last three months, I felt welcomed by the association and by the people in the community I interact with. Although I still feel like a French beginner, they have patience with me, accept the mistakes I make when I talk and explain to me the correct words/expressions I need to use. The same goes with my volunteering tasks; the fact that I am experiencing a different method of managing an international office and learning more details about other funding opportunities and programmes of the European Commission is making me feel exhilarated and grateful for this experience.

For now I have returned to Romania for the holidays to spend Christmas and New Year with my family, friends. I am excited to share with them all the experiences I have had in Belgium until now. Since the next time I will share my experience will be after Christmas and New Year, I wish you all a happy holiday and make sure to enjoy your time with family, friends and those dear to you.

Sharing with you all Romanian love,