This is an evaluation meeting on adapted EVS for ex-visually impaired volunteers, sending and hosting organisations.

This evaluation meeting will be held in Liège, Belgium, from December 14th till December 19th 2012. It involves groups of participants (3 participants of which at least 2 are visually impaired + 1 assistant/country) from Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Slovenia and Belgium.

Disability and Integration of ex-EVS volunteers with visual impairment in the social and professional life is the main theme of the project.

The main objectives are:

  • to evaluate the impact of EVS on the development of visually impaired volunteers
  • to evaluate the impact of adapted EVS for vip on the sending organisations
  • to evaluate the impact of adapted EVS for vip on the hosting organisations.

Among others, the activities of this evaluation meeting will include:

  • Presentation of past adapted EVS projects (point of view of volunteer + association)
  • Debate on the impact that each adapted EVS had on their life (professional, social, personal …)
  • Group discussions on the impact that adapted EVS projects had on sending and hosting associations (eventually if further projects were developed as follow-up)
  • Preparation of a “document” on good/bad practices on adapted EVS
  • Brainstorming for preparing new youth projects.

These activities will be developed trough active methods like working in small groups, debates, sharing personal experiences, brainstormings….
Experts, external speakers, facilitators (from Belgium, Germany, Spain, Uk and Greece) will also be invited to share their knowledge and help increase the quality of this evaluation meeting.

We hope that with this evaluation visit we’ll increase the quality of adapted EVS projects in the future and that for 5 days, the time of this visit, the 40 participants will learn a lot from each other experiences.

Evaluation meeting on adapted evs from 2007 until now

This is brochure for the Evaluation meeting on adapted evs from 2007 until now