Gala and her EVS project: 9 months later

The beginning of my European voluntary service was on 1-st of October 2013. This date seems me like yesterday.These nine months passed like one breath.

When I arrived in Belgium, for me was impossible to talk with the people, to try to find my way on the street, to order food and even a coffee. My knowledge of French language was really zero. I felt not comfortable and really lost.
Slowly, with small steps, supported by my colleagues in the office, my French teacher and my flatemates I started to try to do little dialogues on French.My self-confidence was back again. I had the feeling that I am able to manage to adapt myself and to be useful with my experience and readiness to learn for the office.

Firstly my tasks were smaller. I had to support the collegues in running activities. They let me slowly to come in the specificity of the work in VIEWS International. With their help I began to learn how I should write European projects.
I was happy when I uploaded my first material on the website of my hosting organization. My satisfaction was great when I discovered on my own how I can create new content.

Also during my EVS project I participated in the preparation and realization of two dinners in the dark.It’s a pleasant when you help the people to find out something nw for them like the world of the blindness.

It was so useful for me to participate in the preparation part and veritable putting in practice of the study visit, which VI organized between 27-th of May and 3-rd of June 2014.

Nine months later I am more self-confident, stronger, motivated and rich with higher knowledge and new experiences. Thanks my European voluntary service I am ready to meet and more open-minded to accept the future professional challenges.