Hi, my name is Theo and I’m a young Belgian guy very interested in other cultures and languages, but also in voluntary work. That is why, when my friends told me about EVS because they had already done it, I decided to do it as well. And here is what I did.

On the 4th of February I arrived in Murcia, in the evening. When I arrived at my hosting place, I met another volunteer from Austria and three other flat mates. I started working for my association on the next day. I was introduced to Raquel, my project supervisor, and to Amine, who’s responsible for the youth services and will also be my mentor.

Then Raquel explained me what I have to do: I’m helping with looking for EVS projects and informing people on this topic. I also participate in the French language club once a week.

Two weeks later I was invited to a seminar to come together with other volunteers in Los Alcazares. We stayed for a whole week learning important information about the rights and duties of an EVS volunteer, I got to know other volunteers from Spain and we did many other enjoyable activities. At the end of the week I returned to my working place.

In my project I spend a lot of time working in my office, from time to time there are conferences in schools and every week I have lessons to learn the Spanish language. The weekends and bank holidays we don’t work and I can also take two additional free days a month.

In my free time I profit from visiting different Spanish cities like Madrid, Valencia, Granada, Alicante, Malaga and Cartagena Sevila. I’m also enjoying to do my favorites sports here, running, in different Spanish cities.

I’ve already learned lots of things about Spanish culture and – of course – a new interesting language! Till today I could learn to get more patience and to get a better organization to coordinate all my projects. Another important development is the experience of teamwork and doing everything for it.

This project will come to an end very soon. I hope that my experience will help me for my personal life and in my future projects.