Two girls play the Connect Four game, while Soraya is watching over them

The 15th Salon du Volontariat event – Volunteering, even more topical!

Between 24 – 25 March, The Health and Social Affairs Department of the province of Liège organised the 15th consecutive Volunteering Fair. With more than 90 associations taking part in this event, Views International was invited to participate. During the event, we had the chance to present Views International to the people who attended the fair and raise awareness regarding visual impairment.

More than 90 associations, divided into five main categories: general social assistance, development cooperation, youth, integration of people of foreign origin and people with disabilities. Among these, new associations invited the visitor to other horizons, namely those of writing and cinema, entertainment, architectural and cultural heritage, ecology, beekeeping, and hikes. There is no standard profile for being a volunteer: you can be of any age, come from any cultural or economic background, exercise or have exercised any profession.

In Belgium, the number of people involved in voluntary activities is estimated to represent 10% to 14% of the population. The volume of volunteer services corresponds to approximately 5% of the volume of paid employment in the country. The law on volunteering of 3 July 2005 was introduced in order to provide greater protection for volunteers and greater clarity about their rights and duties.

Being a volunteer means being resolutely turned towards others and open to the world around us; it is a state of mind, a real nose-thumbing to the galloping individualism that is the current trend in our modern society. Volunteering is an activity that also promotes personal development and strengthens social ties.

Encouraging this activity is therefore essential to ensure the continuity of the services offered by many social organisations in the province of Liège and to enable citizens who wish to offer or continue to offer their time, skills and humanity to those who need it most.

During the event, VIEWS stand’s visitors had the opportunity to experience different games from the perspective of a blind person; participants were blindfolded and played Connect Four, puzzles and received information about our association’s activities from our team.

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