From 29 January to 2 February our Belgian delegation, our Director Anca and Abraham Diatta from Centre Loryhan (Centre de Rencontres et d’Hébergement) flew to Romania to meet with our partners at SAKURA NGO, who hosted the visit, to have meetings and common activities with local NGOs and educational institutions, and to visit spaces where participants and volunteers of the Erasmus+ programme are hosted, in the Bucharest and Ilfov counties.

  • During their permanence in Romania, they visited:
  • The Pamfil Seicaru Technological High School in Cionogarla, Ilfov, with a volunteering centre and a student campus that can host up to 15 volunteers;
  • The Foundation for the Youth in Bucharest (FTMB), partnering with over 60 between member organisations and youth clubs to support young people in achieving their goals and development;
  • The Cezar Nicolau Technological High School in Branesti, Ilfov, with a volunteer centre and student campus which can host between 60-80 young people in the framework of the Youth Exchange projects promoted by the high school in partnership with the SAKURA Youth Association.

Additionally, our delegation visited a training and seminar location in the mountains, in Paraul Rece, took a quick viist to the castles nearby and a had a stroll in Bucharest’s old town. The team is also happy to report that they had a lot of Romanian food!